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Gradska kavana Arsenal Restaurant & Bar

Est. 1895

The Gradska kavana Arsenal restaurant is near Dubrovnik's main square, Luža, located in the very heart of the historic district, where for centuries the destiny of the Dubrovnik Republic was planned and where its leaders carefully guarded their most cherished value, which was not for sale for any amount of gold. – libertas
– the freedom of Dubrovnik. In the immediate vicinity of the café are two palaces which symbolize the statehood of the Dubrovnik Republic: Sponza Palace (on Luža square itself), which once served as the customs building and mint, and the Rector's Palace, the seat of the government and residence of the Rector, the ruler of the Republic.

terrace offers stunning views,
which makes it the perfect spot to
enjoy a delicious meal by the sea
terrace offers stunning views,
which makes it the perfect spot to
enjoy a delicious meal by the sea

About our cuisine:

The people of the Mediterranean owe their health and slenderness to food based on light ingredients such as vegetables, seafood, moderate amounts of meat, and olive oil, proven to be one of the most healthy fats.

The entire family gathers around the table at dinnertime, which is the central event of the day, when good food is combined with good conversation and socialising. Experience the atmosphere of the Mediterranean meal, which our cooks will prepare for you from selected local ingredients, ennobling age-old recipes with modern culinary techniques.

Taste our fish specialties with a selection of excellent wines, respecting the old proverb of the region – that fish is no good if it has not "bathed" three times, first in the sea, then in olive oil, and finally, in wine.

Taste the delicious flavours
of Dubrovnik region
Taste the delicious flavours
of Dubrovnik region

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If you do not manage to instantly find a free table on our terrace, take the opportunity to become familiar with the indoor area of the café, which extends to the restaurant, where there is another terrace.

From the eastern side of this terrace, you will have a unique view of the Old City Port, flanked on the right by St. John's Fortress and on the left by the Lazareti complex – the oldest European quarantine structure, built in 1377.

Because of the proximity of the port, there was a shipyard in this area from as early as the thirteenth century, known as the Arsenal – after which today's restaurant was named.

The ships that were built in the Arsenal (the inhabitants of Dubrovnik call it Orsan) – known as galijuni and karake – were the pride of the Dubrovnik fleet, which in the sixteenth century boasted 180 commercial ships and was one of the most important in the Mediterranean.

Pred Dvorom 1, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Nautika Restaurant – Dubrovnik

Working hours:
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Nautika d.o.o. za trgovinu, ugostiteljstvo i ribarstvo, putnička agencija • Brsalje 1, 20000 Dubrovnik, Hrvatska • Trgovački sud u Dubrovniku, MBS: 090001205 • OIB: 51387086899 • PDV identifikacijski broj: HR51387086899 • Temeljni kapital: 5.057.900,00 kuna uplaćen u cijelosti • Članovi Uprave: Mario Raič, Ivo Dobroslavić, Toni Lazarević • Poslovna banka: OTP banka d.d., Domovinskog rata 61, Split • IBAN: HR1724070001100640026 • SWIFT: OTPVHR2X


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